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/alee-ts-ee-yuh / • /keera/

Alycja Kyra

Based in Ontario, Canada, Alycja Kyra is a creative and versatile human who excels at delivering quality results regardless of the challenges of the task at hand. Specializing in graphic design and mehndi artistry, Alycja Kyras are rare, yet known for their dedication, imagination, vision, ingenuity, and fabulous personality (+great sense of humour). 

How did she get into graphic design? That can be accredited to a high school class that sparked her interest in expressing her creative side through graphic design. Since then, Alycja Kyra has since continued to pursue her passion in this craft.

Now how did she get into mehndi? Performing in many cultural shows with her temple as a kid, mehndi was often done on the performers before the shows, as well as during special cultural events throughout the year. This sparked her interest which quickly turned into a hobby; and further developed into a passion.

Names may be used interchangeably as means to address her.

Examples of Alycja Kyra in a sentence:





"Did you know Kyra does Henna?"

"No way! I want to get my hands done for prom!"

"I need a logo for my business"

"Contact Alycja Kyra! She'll create an impressive, custom design to represent you and your business!"

efficient, dedicated, creative, kind, imaginative, hard working, always-evolving, diligent,

motivated, organized, punctual

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